Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Good Egg

Easter time is so close! I love Easter. The weather, the long weekend always spent with family. Easter is a reflective time and has a great relaxed feeling about it. Like many Aussie families, we always spend the weekend away at the beach. It's a great tradition and a fun way to farewell Summer for the year.

Another thing I love about Easter is the crafts! The egg blowing and dying, card making and Easter baskets. I love these baskets, so much fun and the kids will be still playing with these long after the chocolate is in their bellies! I have been collecting things to put in baskets for the kids to play with at our Sunday lunch. I hope the girls love them! I do!!

(Images via Martha Stewart)


Millie said...

Gorgeous images Shanyn! Enjoy your Easter break, we'll be spending ours up ladders, hopefully fitting plasterboard in our bathroom reno. MOTH recently reminded me that we've only ever had 1 Easter off from renovations in 16 years - oops!
Millie ^_^

mondo cherry said...

I love all the Easter crafts too.These baskets are gorgeous - let us know what you end up putting in yours!
Clare x

paper aeroplane said...

Oh Millie, I hear you! This will be our first holiday in a long time! Last Easter we only went away one night over the weekend because my husband and his dad were building our house. The finishing touches before our daughter was born. Your bathroom will be fabulous, I'm sure. 16 years though?! That's mad!

paper aeroplane said...

Will do Clare. Found some new Beatrix Potter, Peter Rabbit books at the markets going cheap and Bed Bath and Table have a really good selection of cheap and cheerful Easter toys. They are really cute! Just have to remember to take a picture. :)

Judy said...

Where did you find the lil' bunny trim for the cake plate? It's adorable. I would love to find it.