Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wednesday Night Sewing Club

My girlfriends and I have decided to drag out our sewing machines, dust them off and start crafting together. We figure if we do it as a group and add food (tonight is Thai!) we might be more inclined to finish the projects that we start! Not sure what my project for the evening is going to be, but I have packed my great-aunt's vintage button collection and some fabric, see what happens. If it turns out great I might post a picture, if not, we can pretend this post does not exist! xo

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mondo cherry said...

This is such a good idea. I have a cupboard full of unfinished projects - one (a knitted cushion) I started when I was 7!
What did you end up making?

paper aeroplane said...

I made a toy bag to store Lola's toys in the car, they always seem to be strewn all over my boot!
Yes perhaps you need "moral support" (i.e. junk food and gossip) to finish that cushion?! ;)