Sunday, February 8, 2009

Market Treasures

Did I say I would show you my market finds on Tuesday? I meant Sunday! I didn't get my camera charger til Friday - don't loose your camera charger, they are hard to buy again!

Here are last weeks treasures, as well as this week's acquisitions. Last week I bought the little poetry book, it has lovely verses for all the special times of the year, including Valentines Day but I was drawn to the little bird motif on the cover, so cute. I am going to find a way to display the vintage bag in my bedroom, the pattern of the beading is so pretty and so sparkly! It was a bit of a slow week this week at the market, maybe it was the heat, and again I was only supposed to be plant buying, but I did find a pretty glass vase that has "made in France" stamped on the bottom, so I guess that makes it French! Always a makes a market-find a little more glamorous. At the markets there is a sweet Greek couple that I have bought a lot of treasures from over the years (like 10!), and since I have had my baby girl they love to give things to me, which is so lovely. Today they gave her a little pair of sandals that they found on their last buying trip to Europe. They gave me a cute little mirror with a gold "bamboo" edge. So nice to know there is still people like them around!

Off to find homes for the new arrivals! Hope your week is lovely...xo

P.S. My thoughts are with those who have suffered such loss in the Victorian bushfires, such tragedy.

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